Braeburn BlueLink Model 7205 Smart Wi-Fi Universal Thermostat, Conventional, Heat Pump Compatible

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Braeburn BlueLink Model 7205 Smart Wi-Fi Universal Thermostat, Conventional, Heat Pump Compatible

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Compatible with Virtually All Smartphones, Tablets or PC’s
Multi-Color Program Groups Simplify Scheduling
Text and E-Mail Service and Temperature Alerts
BlueLink QuickCopy Allows User to Duplicate Program and Configuration to Other Thermostats
QuickEdit Makes Schedule Changes Easy
BlueLink SmartData Energy Report Capability
Monitor and Control Multiple Thermostats
Easy Access Dealer Information
Optional Geofencing for Increased Energy Savings


Dimensions: 9,4cm x 13,2cm x 3,5cm (3.70in x 5.2in x 1.38in)

Display Size : 7,62 Sq. cm. (3 Sq. In.)

Backlight : Bright Blue

Electric Rating: 24 Volt AC (18-30 Volt AC) , 1 amp maximum load per terminal, 5 amp total maximum load (all terminals)

Power : Battery | Hardwire

AC Power: 18-30 Volt AC

DC Power: 3.0 Volts DC (2 “AA” Alkaline batteries included)

To Use Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi works without common (C) wire on most systems; requires common on Heat Pump, Heat Only or Cool Only Systems

Compatibility: Heat pump systems up to 3 heat/2 cool, Conventional systems up to 2 heat/2 cool

Wi-Fi Communication: 802.11

Control Range: 45° to 90° F (7° to 32° C)

Display Range: 40° to 99° F (5° to 37° C)

Accuracy: +/- 1° F (+/-0.5° C)

Staging : 3 Heat / 2 Cool

Programming : 7 Day | 5-2 Day | Non-Programmable

Terminations : Rc, Rh, W1/E/W3, W2, Y1, Y2, G, O/B, C, K

Commercial Mode : No

Keypad Lockout : Yes

Auto Changeover : Yes

Adj. Temp. Limits : Yes

Remote Sensors : No

Programmable Fan : No

Circulating Fan : Yes

Humidity Control : No

Fresh Air Terminal : No

Warranty : 5 Year

Braeburn BlueLink Model 7205 can replace these thermostat models:

Honeywell® TH8732WF

Honeywell® TH6220WF

Emerson® 1F86U-42WF

Pro1® T855i

Pro1® T701i

Nest® T100577,

Nest® T200577

Nest® T3007ES

Verify specific application requirements.

Braeburn®, Honeywell®, Emerson®, Pro1®, Nest® trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Thermostat Cleaning

Never spray any liquid directly on the thermostat. Using a soft damp cloth wipe the outer body of the thermostat.
Never use any abrasive cleansers to clean your thermostat.

Changing the Batteries

This thermostat requires two (2) properly installed “AA”
alkaline batteries to maintain the thermostat clock and to
provide power for the thermostat if 24 volt AC power is not
connected. (See Installer Guide).
If batteries become low, a battery indicator will appear
in the display. You should change your batteries immediately
when you see the low battery signal by following
these instructions.

Remove thermostat body by gently pulling it from base.

Remove old batteries and replace with new batteries.

Make sure to correctly position the (+) and (-) symbols.

Gently push thermostat body back onto base.
NOTE: We recommend replacing the thermostat batteries annually or if the thermostat will be unattended for
an extended period of time.

Limited Warranty

When installed by a professional contractor, this product is backed by a 5 year limited
warranty. Limitations apply. For limitations, terms and conditions, you may obtain a full
copy of this warranty:
· Visit online:
· Phone: 866.268.5599
· Write: Braeburn Systems LLC
2215 Cornell Avenue
Montgomery, IL 60538


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Setup Guide

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Installation Guide

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