Braeburn Economy Model 1020 Thermostat Conventional, Heat Pump Compatible

Single Stage Heat / Cool, Conventional or Heat Pump, Non-Programmable Thermostat

Applications - Features

Large 3 Sq. In. Display with Bright Blue Backlight
Adjustable Temperature Limits
Hardwire or Battery Powered
Permanent Memory Retains Settings
Separate O & B Terminals
Compressor Short Cycle Protection
Adjustable Temperature Differential
Low Battery Indication
ESD Guard Electronic Circuitry
Front Access Reset Button
F ̊ / C ̊ Switch
Gas / Electric Fan Switch
Mount to Horizontal Box
Trilingual Packaging and Instruction Card with FREE Contractor Branding


Dimensions: 9,4cm x 13,1cm x 3,5cm (3.70in x 5.16in x 1.38in)

Display Size : 7,62 Sq. cm. (3 Sq. In.)

Backlight : Bright Blue

Electric Rating : 24 Volt AC (18-30 Volt AC) , 1 amp maximum load per terminal, 3 amp total maximum load (all terminals)

Power : Battery | Hardwire

AC Power : 18-30 Volt AC

DC Power : 3.0 Volts DC (2 “AA” Alkaline batteries included)

Compatibility : Single stage gas, oil or electric systems, Single stage heat pump systems, 250mv – 750mv millivolt heating systems

Wi-Fi Communication : No Wifi

Control Range : 45° to 90° F (7° to 32° C)

Display Range : 40° to 99° F (5° to 37° C)

Accuracy : +/- 1° F (+/-0.5° C)

Staging : 1 Heat / 1 Cool

Programming : Non-Programmable

Terminations : Rh, Rc, Y1, G, W1, O, B, C

Commercial Mode : No

Keypad Lockout : Yes

Auto Changeover : No

Adj. Temp. Limits : Yes

Remote Sensors : No

Programmable Fan : No

Circulating Fan : No

Humidity Control : No

Fresh Air Terminal : No

Warranty : 5 Year


Honeywell® TH3110

Emerson® 1F86-344

Emerson® 1F86-0244

Emerson® 1F86EZ-0251

Thermostat Cleaning

Never spray any liquid directly on the thermostat. Using a soft damp cloth wipe the outer body of the thermostat. Never use any abrasive cleansers to clean your thermostat.

Changing the Batteries

Depending on your particular installation, this thermostat may be equipped with two (2) “AA” type alkaline batteries. If batteries are installed and they become low, a low battery indicator will appear in the display. You should change your batteries immediately when you see the low battery signal by following these instructions. Remove thermostat body by gently pulling it from base. Remove old batteries and replace with new batteries. Make sure to correctly position the (+) and (-) symbols. Gently push thermostat body back onto base. NOTE: We recommend replacing the thermostat batteries annually or if the thermostat will be unattended for an extended period of time.


When installed by a professional contractor, this product is backed by a 5 year
limited warranty. Limitations apply. For limitations, terms and conditions, you
may obtain a full copy of this warranty:
Visit online:
Phone: 866.268.5599
Write: Braeburn Systems LLC
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