AKO Thermostatic Valve 227.0520 Three-Way-Temperature Regulator, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150 mm

AKO 227.0520 Thermostatic Valve

AKO Temperature Regulators are suitable for the stabilization of temperatures of media (e. g. water, oils, etc.) and are even applicable as dividing units or mixing valves. Depending on their construction they are distinguished by their low need of maintenance, particular operating convenience and resistance to pressure. A replacement of inner parts is possible on the spot without having to remove the regulating valve from the piping. A faulty assembly can be excluded. The temperature regulators could be assembled in each fitting position.


Inner PartsSS / bronze
Sealing KitNBR
Operation Pressuremax. 16 bar
adm. Differential Pressuremax. 16 bar
Nominal PressurePN 16
Connection FlangeEN 1092-3 form B


AKO Temperature Regulators are being equipped with easily replaceable internal wax-filled thermostats that absorb the temperature of the medium surrounding them at the measurement point namely into expansion and thus a change in path or length (the valve stroke). AKO Temperature Regulators do not require any auxiliary energy. At rising temperature and on excess of the opening temperature, the tube slider is being lifted off on the valve seat and opening path A to C, with the path A to B locking simultaneously in the same ratio. The change is being performed in proportion to the change of temperature of the passing medium.
Manual Override: In order to meet the security demands of the classification societies for great safety, the manual override was installed. It is not intended for setting the temperature when the regulating valve runs automatically. The manual resetting facility makes it possible to use the control valve as a manual change-over valve. The taper can be brought into any desired position by means of an adjusting screw, so that any operating temperature can be set by observing the thermometer.

Deliverable sizes: 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150 mm